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& so wii love to xbox

you left out rock band and halo, but other than that it was a catchy song. the kind of music you hear from freezepop.

worst concept for a flash

the graphics are pretty decent, but the whole concept about the flash is horrible.
not only is this graphic animation bad but it would be considered illegal to produce such material in certain regions of the world such as canada. this is a shotacon flash, shotacon is animation depicting sexual activities with boys and older men, the type of people that would enjoy this type of flash are pedophiles

Catoblepas responds:

Why are you always so obsessed with shotacon?


Totally random mostly in black in white. Also what that your voice mechabloby? :3

Mechabloby responds:

That was my voice. =)
And my stuff usually is in black and white. (recent stuff, anyways)

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i cant upload my own face doesnt work

i try to click the link where you can upload your own face but it does not work

i remember these puzzles.

the flash game does not have too much content, but i remember doung those 8 piece slider puzzles and not being able to beat them for the life of me, but actually they are pretty simple, you should make more puzzles and add a menu.

nice game and visuals

not exacly my type of game, but i like the way things are setup and i like how this game has achievements, similar to the xbox 360 cause i have a gamerscore. the achievements are also very similar to xbox 360 games cause there are some that are very easy, some that are nearly impossible and some which even require you to fail. about the game, i played it for a round after beating the first boss and i am kind of confused on how HP is setup cause i start with 9999 HP and 999 MP which seems like a max number for any rpg game, as opposed to most RPG games i play it starts with about 10 HP and where one hit does about 1 or 2 damage. i do not know if there are any parts of the game which require you to walk around cause every time oi beat a group of enemies, the battle continues with new ones.

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...not cool

Repulsive. I do not see the point in making a song about such a thing. This audio does not meet my standards like most audio does. Heres a suggestion, try making a song thats not related to something repulsive, the melody and rythym of the song was ok, but it was the lyrics that are too sexual. Some things do not go well with others.

*pets john12346

Great. i love the originality. Brings back memories of super mario world like the 999 lives trick. I added the audio to my faves.

John12346 responds:

ok thanks


good job, it wasnt a masterpiece but it was something. Keep up the good work.

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