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i cant upload my own face doesnt work

i try to click the link where you can upload your own face but it does not work

i remember these puzzles.

the flash game does not have too much content, but i remember doung those 8 piece slider puzzles and not being able to beat them for the life of me, but actually they are pretty simple, you should make more puzzles and add a menu.

nice game and visuals

not exacly my type of game, but i like the way things are setup and i like how this game has achievements, similar to the xbox 360 cause i have a gamerscore. the achievements are also very similar to xbox 360 games cause there are some that are very easy, some that are nearly impossible and some which even require you to fail. about the game, i played it for a round after beating the first boss and i am kind of confused on how HP is setup cause i start with 9999 HP and 999 MP which seems like a max number for any rpg game, as opposed to most RPG games i play it starts with about 10 HP and where one hit does about 1 or 2 damage. i do not know if there are any parts of the game which require you to walk around cause every time oi beat a group of enemies, the battle continues with new ones.


my high performance laptop failed the heavy test with an average of 10, fps. i think it is cause i am using vista. anyway good flash,

9/10 but 3 point penalty for the ads

there have been more of these ad-ridden games going around lately, the up side is that most of them are decent like this and offer a good amount fo gameplay. i thought this game had a good concept where you try to count the squares with each level getting harder.

To be honest

When i played this game for the first couple of times, i swore it was not working. Now i know it works, but i have some complaints, on the second difficulty level, i lose at random and the objective to not losing is unclear to me. Besides that, great graphics. If you just made all of the people available for the cant lose difficulty, that would be great.

That's it?...

after i get 13 kills the game stops. You have what it takes to make a decent game, so you could make allot more stuff with those skills. I also liked the music, goes well with battle music.

too funny for words

Wow... this game is so hilarious. XD i clicked the mouse a bunch of times until he turned into a skeleton. a fairly easy game with allot of humor.

wtf i bookmarked it

this game is so outstanding, i added it to my faves, the graphics are great, the gameplay is almost perfect. great job.

that was you?

man... i remember this flash being under judgement. at that time i wasnt sure if it was constituted as a ripoff, but hey i decided since you made the game from scratch and used the idea of another game, i thought it was ok. i voted to protect it at the time. Im gonna go check out the game now.

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Thanks for the review.

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