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& so wii love to xbox

you left out rock band and halo, but other than that it was a catchy song. the kind of music you hear from freezepop.

worst concept for a flash

the graphics are pretty decent, but the whole concept about the flash is horrible.
not only is this graphic animation bad but it would be considered illegal to produce such material in certain regions of the world such as canada. this is a shotacon flash, shotacon is animation depicting sexual activities with boys and older men, the type of people that would enjoy this type of flash are pedophiles

Catoblepas responds:

Why are you always so obsessed with shotacon?


Totally random mostly in black in white. Also what that your voice mechabloby? :3

Mechabloby responds:

That was my voice. =)
And my stuff usually is in black and white. (recent stuff, anyways)

i just gotta say...

wow! You took a popular roleplaying bbs topic and made it in flash. I did see the topic and when i saw this at times i laughed and said "yeah i remember that". This makes me smile.


Loved it. The graphics were smooth, i like that fade in, fade out effect you did with the picture of the house and heads, and the syncing. What made me laugh the most is when the call was dropped. Also the surprising animation with the reeses puffs cereal was pretty funny.

MetalDart responds:

Thanks. :)
Shame you're in the KK though. :/

*wakes up

Hey i was around when you did dailytoon 10, i think it was. I dont really see this as total spam, i see it as 3 - 9 animations in one. Also the fact that there are hundreds of these flashes around will keep anyone occupied for hours for those who have not watched the daily toon series. The graphics may be a little on the sub-par side, but its the quantity of flashes that matter more. I see it as something to watch when you are bored.

gotta say

this is actually pretty funny. I know how tragic 9/11 is but the way the plane crashed made me laugh a little, it made that "bonk" sound and fell over like a building block, but the preloader needs to be fixed, i waited 10 minutes for a 2 minute flash.

Very offensive

I dont know why the community of newgrounds would allow offensive material like this. It is not right to stereotype furries as gay people.

seizure warning

this malicious submission may give you a seizure

SheriffSocom responds:

Or 2 if you're lucky.


it was a great flash, but im gonna have to reduce the score from 8, to 6. Im not very fond of this skater punk music. >.>

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