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Posted by Eltelelel - May 5th, 2013

Ever have this problem before where there is always one mod that always locks your threads and they seem to target you most of the time? I have had this problem in the past with 36holla. I had this problem with him in the summer of 2010. I had 5 or 6 threads locked by the same mod. I dont have this problem now, but it seems like something that was a problem back than.


Posted by Eltelelel - August 2nd, 2012

since i cant ask anywhere else without getting banned, can anyone tell me? Feel free to message me if i forget to look at my news post.

I want to know what the risk of getting emulators for my android are.Are they stable? will my phone get disabled by verizon for piracy? I get my phone in a few days and it will be my first smart phone.

My theory is that android and the phone carriers does not care enough to do anything about it.

Posted by Eltelelel - March 3rd, 2012

Here is what newgrounds looks like in 3D

Newgrounds in 3D

Posted by Eltelelel - March 1st, 2012

Every time someone makes an "official" thread it forbids people from talking about that subject on the forums unless they post in that particular "official" thread. I posted a thread announcing "derpy day" where we honor derpy hooves from MLP. I took a chance on posting that thread and as usual i got alot of hate and intolerance from your usual close-minded newgrounders. I am used to that. I ignore the trolls when posting on newgrounds. But what i do not fucking appreciate is the mods deleting my thread just because an "official" MLP thread exists. This applies to other "official" threads. It is just a way for people to forbid future discussions of any topic they wish. "official" threads get very cluttered, nobody looks at them, and it is just a very bad idea.

It does not matter how you design the site tom fulp. You cannot fix the users on this site.

Posted by Eltelelel - December 30th, 2011

Posted by Eltelelel - February 26th, 2011

i finally met tom fulp and i have a picture to prove it! this is so exciting because i have always wanted to meet tom fulp and i never thought i would meet him.

Meating tom fulp at NG meet.

Posted by Eltelelel - May 30th, 2010

the following people are teamkillers on gta 4 multiplayer. i am running into alot of them lately. here is a list

irish gw tk
mandrake TK
irish joker tk
d34thg4me mrymg

there are more people but i am not sure exactly how the gamertags are spelled

Posted by Eltelelel - April 14th, 2010

i am about to have a party with people who are not exactly considered to be a class act. i want to prevent my stuff from being stolen.
i have decided to lock my room and only let people i trust in my room. it is a brand new door and lock.

At 4/13/10 08:48 PM, Luis wrote: Stuff

Did all the mods get different level icons of them or something? When did this happen? Also, on topic... Yeah, just don't have a party... Just kind of... I don't know, invite them to McDonalds or something.


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Posted at: 4/13/10 10:50 PM

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Don't matter I'll climb through your window to get that tv

At 4/13/10 08:54 PM, ELITE-101 wrote: yah im one of those people and i can say that locking your dorrs will only help if they're lazy

Yea its hard to control people, EVEN when you know them. I remember this one party i had, someone actually did throw cigarettes into my fishtank. My snakefish was so dead the next day. I was pissed off but i really brought it on to myself inviting so many people. Other shit included people breaking the screen door. Apparently someone didnt know they slide open, instead they walked through it.

So yea, your bedroom might be safe but your house aint gonna be.

At 4/13/10 08:27 PM, Eltelelel wrote: i am about to have a party with people who are not exactly considered to be a class act. i want to prevent my stuff from being stolen.
i have decided to lock my room and only let people i trust in my room. it is a brand new door and lock.

Hey man, I'm a party animal so I can help you with this. First off, try your best not to throw parties. Things ALWAYS get stolen, ESPECIALLY IPODS (I'll vomit if I hear another of the 100s of "my ipod was stolen at a party" stories).
But, since you really wanna have a party. First off, to limit stealing, have plenty of beans to sell. When a person is beaning, he/she's so preoccupied with the techno, lights, and especially people, that he/she won't even dream of stealing. Plus, they'll be feeling so good anyways.
Or, you could get them stoned and drunk, so they couldn't coordinate an accurate theft.

And, lock all your valuables in your parents room or something. Try to limit the party to only a few rooms, or better yet, the garage. Don't bring your friends to your room. They'll be drunk, and as we all know, drunkenness impairs judgement, so they'll jack your shit too. Only bring chicks up there but SUPERVISE THEM.
Also, when you have the ipod hooked up to the sound system for music, try to keep a great eye over it. If possible, have someone else use their ipod.

Posted by Eltelelel - January 11th, 2010

heres a copy of my thread from the politics section

do you think that with obama in office that certain aspects of our free speech has diminished?
i remember on yahoo answers, there was a discussion on how someone was arrested for having a mccain shirt at some obama rally.

this particular question dissusing the obama rally on yahoo answers was removed by the admins when it clearly did not violate the terms of service. so basically discussions about ways free speech has changed with obama in office are being removed. some obama supporters who happen to be an admin of a reputable site will remove any negativity about obama especially those discussing free speech.

when bush was in office, every other discussion about politics were about how bush sucks. does not matter if the stuff that was said was true or not, people were still given the right to express their opinion.

it is like the big smelly fish in washington dc, you can try to cover the truth with newspaper but it is still the truth. until 2012 when we get a new president, we will just have to grind it out and do what you can to inform others and not let the liberal media shield others from the truth.

to be fair, i am sure there is alot of ugliness going on in the republican party, so you cant really tell whats going on in those politicians heads, this country was bought, sold and paid for a long time ago.

Posted by Eltelelel - June 17th, 2009

i hate him, he blocks everyone and bothers former mod, big bad ron with pm's back when BBR was a mod. cause BBR seems the most likely person to ban anyone.
its impossible to call him out on his bullshit cause he blocks anyone whos smarter than him, even latecks.